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Buy at bulk price!


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Buy at bulk price!

2 sizes of plankton banquet fish food are now back in our bulk section along with freeze dried bloodworms, algae wafers and cichlid pellets.

We now carry Southern Delight Fish Foods!

Southern Delight Fish FoodsWe’re getting lots of requests for Southern Delight Fish Foods a high grade aquatic diets for fish hobbyists, so this week we ordered a shipment and here is what we have in stock: 

Fancy Goldfish Food, Small Cichlid Food, Tropical Fish Food, Large Cichlid Food, Small Koi Food, Color Enhancing Food, Growth Enhancing Food, Powerfeed- Vigor Food, Nano-Krill-Salt & Fresh Food Small Tropical Mirco Bite and Vegy-Krill-Salt-Fresh Food Spirulina Algae: Herbivore.

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