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Successfully setting up or adding to an aquarium requires knowledge and quality products. Here you’ll find the livestock, equipment, supplies and helpful tips you need to setup a beautiful tropical aquarium that will thrive. We stock a little bit of everything.

Aquarium Livestock

Livestock is available for three types of environments: fresh water aquariums, salt water aquariums and ponds.

Fresh Water Salt Water Ponds
Fresh Water Fish & Invertebrates Live Rock Pond Fish
Live Plants   Pond Cleaners
Live Bacteria Sponges   Pond Plants – seasonal

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Aquarium Equipment

The right combination of equipment is key to creating an environment in which your aquarium livestock will thrive. Key factors to consider are the size of aquarium and the type and amount of livestock. The six most common types of aquarium equipment are: tanks, heaters, pumps, filtration, lighting, and stands and cabinets.

Aquarium Tanks Heaters Pumps
Filtration Lighting Stands and Cabinets


Aquarium Supplies

Know and use the correct supplies to help your tropical aquarium animals thrive, including:

Decoration Media and Resins Water Additives
Food Medications Water Conditioners
Gravel, Substrates   Water Testing Kits
Rock & Driftwood  

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Take the guesswork out of buying livestock, equipment and supplies! Come in or contact us today to get answers to your aquarium questions and for recommendations. Our staff members have the experience as an aquarium hobbyist plus has specialized product knowledge.

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