New fish in

Spotted Raphael
Multipunctatsus 3”
Butterfly Koi 3”
Comets 2-3”
Koi 3”
Sarasa 3”
Nerite Snail (brown with
black markings)
Elephanse Nose 4-5”
Rope Fish 8”
Pea Puffer
Boesmani Rainbow
fancy guppys
White Cloud
Black Tubifex Worms
Mixed Mbuna SM


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new fish in

Assassin Snails
Black Pose Rabbit Snails
Yellow Pose Rabbit Snails
Potted Anubias Barteri
Potted Anubias Congensis
Potted Anubias Frazeri
Potted Anubias Nana
Dwarf Lily Bulb
Crowntail Betta Male
Crowntails Betta Female
Neon Metallic Male
Red Metallic male
Gold Endler
HiFin Red Endler
Scarlet Endler
Neon Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
Blue Platy
Ram, Blue
Koi Angel
HiFin Rosey Barb
Emerald Dwarf Rasbora
Emerald Eye Rasbora
Super VC-10 – 2”
Praecox Rainbow
African Frog
Black Ghost Knife – 3”
Gold Honey Gourami
Red Honey Gourami-
Clown Loach – 3”
Clown Loach – 2.5”
Yoyo Loach – 1.5”
Red Tail Shark – 2”
Rainbow Shark – 2”
Albino Rainbow Shark – 2”
Siamese Algae Eater
Snow White Danio
LF Blue Danio
Cory Pygmeus
Cory Paleatus
HiFin Aeneus Cory
Cory Julii

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new fish this week

Sunset Platy
Neon Tetra – L
Rummy Nose Tetra – M
Ram, Blue – L=12​
Deep Water Hap –
Albino Kribensis​
Red Honey Gourami
HiFin Rosey Barb – L
Odessa Barb ​
Cherry Barb​
Harlequin Rasbora – XL​
Silver Arowana – 5.5”
Rope Fish​
Glo-Fish Electric Green​
Glo-Fish Green Tetra​
Rainbow Shark – 2”
Red Cherry Shrimp “A”
Singapore Shrimp
Clown Loach – 2”
​Cory pygmeus
Cory Albino​
Cory Panda ​
Cory Leucomela​
Ancistrus LF Albino
Hillstream Loach – China Sucker
Cory Agasizzi
feeder gold fish
feeder white clout

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new fish in

Here’s the new fish in

Pearl Danio, LG

Eupterus Synodontis, sm

Neon Tetra XL

Gold Danio md

Leopard Danio, LF LG

Zebra Danio md

Blue Line Rasbora md

White Cloud, Gold ml

Red Tail Shark md

Siamese Algae Eater sm

Betta, Male, Crowntail XL

Betta, Male, Super Delta

Pearl Gourami LG

Assorted Platy ml

Aenus (Bronze) Cory md

Habrosus Cory md

Julii Cory (C. trilineatus) md

Metae Cory ml

Salt & Pepper Cory ml

Sterbai Cory md

Twig Catfish ml

Blue Eye bristlenose pleco

Clown Pleco

Steveni Taiwan Red 2″

Butikoferi md

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Here are some new fish in this week we are also starting are buy two get one
free on all plants and fishand that was start on the 28th and goes through till
the seventh

Neon Tetra XL
Tiger Barb, Green LG
Tiger Barb LG
Tiger Barb, Albino
Black Ruby Barb ml
Roseline Shark ml
Rainbow Shark md
Male, Crowntail XL
Powder Blue MALE Gourami
Clown Loach md
Pygmy Cory md
Skunk Cory LG
Sterbai Cory md
Jurupari md
Buffalo Head Cichlid LG
Livingstoni 2”
Venustus 2”
Otocinclus md
Scat, Red md
Elephant Nose md
Knife, Black Ghost
Assassin Snail md
Tiger ml
Zebra ml
Nerite, Assorted
Dwarf African Frogs LG
Feeder White Cloud sm
Black Worms
Feeder Gold Fish sm
Knife, Glass md
Tangerine Tiger 2”=12

thanks jim

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new fish in

new fish in
geophagus surinamensis
managuense (jag)
asst. platys
marble angelfish
asst. swordtail
asst. guppys
jewel cichids all sizes
convict cichils all sizes
pseudotropheus demansoni
aulonocara luwanda
aulonocara regal
polyterus ornatipinnis bicher
albino bicher
2-3 in. comets
rainbow sharks
siamese algae eater
black ghost knife
clown loachs
julii cory catfish
sterbae cory catfish
pygmy cory catfish
gold honey gourami

breedind pair of severums (one is gold and one is turquoise

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new fish in

Frog, Dwarf
Male Betta Crowntail
Male Betta Blue
Male Betta Red
Corydoras panda
Shrimp, Cherry Red
Cobra Blue Male guppy
Botia Yo-Yo
feeder Comet (M
Shrimp, Ghost
White Cloud, Feeder
Flying Fox
Rubber Lip
marble angelfish

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Gar, Rocket
Celestial Pearl Danio
Odessa Barb
Clown Loach
Yoyo Botia
Indian Lampeye Killi
Fire Eel
Dwarf Neon Rainbow
Knife, Centipede
Nerite Tiger
Nerite Zebra
Koi Butterfly
Ogon Koi
Koi Tri-Color
Koi, Asst
we got some 10 to 12 in.koi to
Corydoras pygmaeus
Comet, Sarasa
Comet, Pool
Black Neon Tetra
Glowlight Tetra
Gold Pristella
Signatus Shell Dweller
Congo Tetra
P. Socolofi, Snow White
Ram, Blue
Aeneus Corydoras
Paleatus Corydoras
Albino Corydoras
Green Neon, Male guppy
Male Betta Cambodian
Male Betta Crowntail0
Nana “Narrow Leaf”
Feeder White Cloud
Feeder Gold Fish
Cherry Red Shrimp

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we got in some more fish in this week

Cory – Melanistus
Cory – Mix
Zebra Loach
Diamond tetra
Pike Cichlids
Betta Crowntail
Glass Knife
Black Ghost Knife
Transparent Knife
feeder guppys
SM Anubias Mix
Blood Dwarf Male
Powder Blue Male
Africans Assrt. 1.75-2.5”
Red Glass Barb
Ghost Shrimp
Shubunkins 2-3”
needle nose gar

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heres some of the fish that came in

Frog, Dwarf
Cherry barb
Synodontis, Eupterus catfish
Gold Claw Fiddler Crab
Leopard, LF
Snakeskin Gouramis
Rainbow shark
Female Betta Assorted
Parrot, Blood
Acara, Blue
Ram, Blue
Blue Verigated, Male guppy
Ornate Rhadinocentrus ornatus
Emperor tetra
Von Rio tetras
Black Worms

we do got a nice 7 in fresh water puffer fish
in come check him out we do get fish in every week
i’m trying to get better at posting them

from the 18th to 23rd we will be doing a
buy two get one free on all fish and plants.
and on the 22nd we will be doing a rafle for tank and supplys
hope to see ya thanks jim

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