Conway Tropical Fish is your local source for tropical fish, cichlids, aquarium supplies, aquarium plants, pond supplies and much more! We specialize in African Cichlids with an affinity for anything aquatic. We support local aquarium keepers and sell locally bred fish. If you have a question about fish we have the answer. One of our core values is that we strive to provide excellent customer service & products that offer a combination of quality, knowledge and affordability. We’ve proudly served our customers since March 20, 1994.

New Arrivals

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Blue Velvet shrimp
Yellow Rice shrimp
Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Betta –
Blue Variegated guppy- male
Cobra Gold guppy- male
Red Cobra Guppy – male
Neon Tetra, Green
Galaxy Rasbora
Praecox Rainbow
Julidochromis regani “Chisanse
Kuli Loach – Black
Sterbai Cory
paleatus Cory
Aeneus Cory
Black Ghost Knife Fish
African Dwarf Frog
Assorted Koi 3″
Shubunkin 3-4”
Assorted Butterfly Koi
Harlequin Rasbora
Danio – Zebra Singapore LF
neolamprologus brichardi

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